Best Free Rental Agreement

OK, we’ve looked at dozens of online leases, our eyes are getting red. We’ve reviewed several on this site but are we ready to declare the best free lease agreement? Yes, but we have to create two categories: strings and no strings attached.

With no strings attached, the best free rental lease agreement we’ve seen is from, their “Lease Agreement II.”

This lease covers the common law clauses very well, much better than any other lease we’ve seen. The caveat is that it does not cover many modern clauses required by URLTA and other standard requirements, such as notice of management, bank account information for deposits, etc.

The lease is free, just go to the page, copy and paste. Of course, you’ll notice that this looks like it was hurriedly copied and pasted from somewhere else: with page breaks/lines in unwanted places and the like.

Best Free Lease Agreement

We have a winner! Image courtesy of photostock at

This one is very close to one distributed years ago in a nothing-down-get-rich kit. We can’t say whether it is or not as we don’t have the get rich one to compare for exactness. You’ll need to take out the page breaks and add the missing modern local and URLTA clauses, but this is the best free rental lease agreement we’ve seen online so far that has no strings attached.

In the “strings attached” department,’s free lease is superior and is among the best of all, strings or no (check FormsPal review here). It covers both common law clauses and other URLTA type clauses very well. The catch, of course, is you have to sign up for a account and give them a credit card (or use PayPal). It’s a seven-day free trial, so you’ll have to go back in and cancel or start getting charged $39 a month (and it’s not that easy to find the cancel process). They even have the common law clauses other free leases we review usually lack, especially the time is of the essence and joint and several clauses.

For the truly best free rental lease agreement, I would take FormsPal’s and just use it. It has every little detail thought through and is enough for most lease purposes.

At this point, after many searches, we’ve finally found a free rental lease agreement online that could be considered comprehensive; you don’t have to edit things manually anymore and think of any sections that might be missing in the document.

So, do you agree or disagree that FormsPal’s lease is the best? Do you have some other lease agreement you’d like us to review? Drop us a line!