Free Lease Agreement Review: – offers free versions of a house lease and an apartment lease. Both of these are fairly solid, the apartment lease putting much more emphasis on specific rules and regulations typical to renting. There are some differences between house/duplex renting and apartment renting, primarily who takes care of the lawn (or defining what are common areas the landlord is responsible for), but these were a little odd in they differed in areas they didn’t need to. For instance, on the right of entry section, the house lease gives specifics (in an emergency, otherwise 24 hours notice), whereas the rental lease states a generic clause that entry will be as allowed by law. Your location may require something different than 24 hours notice (for us, 48), but it seemed interesting these two leases would differ on the same issue. The house lease puts more maintenance on the tenant, including painting (which the apartment lease version prohibits), something we’ve found to be a disaster. Do you really want tenants painting your property? Almost every time we’ve allowed it we’re regretted it, sometimes severely. You’ll want to be sure what you use is clear as to exactly what you want on maintenance issues like painting. Those minor items aside, the house lease is pretty in its basic clauses: subletting prohibition, quiet enjoyment, indemnity, waiver, joint and several, however it misses some. It has no time is of the essence clause, which means dates like when rent is due become very fluid, and assignments/successors. It also lacks an entire agreement clause and choice of law (not always critical but often important). The apartment version has the same strengths and weaknesses on the clauses. Its rules and regulations are detailed and thoughtful, covering areas of potential problems and damages which may not have occurred to you. You’ll find a lot of good ideas for yourself in these examples, just make sure they apply to you before you use them. It’s unfortunate a few basic clauses are missing. With those added in (which you can find on other free leases), these would be good leases to start with. In my thinking, I would take the house lease, add appropriate details (rules, regulations and the like) that look good from the apartment lease, add in the missing clauses and use that hybrid.

Here is a link to these forms (as well as a few others):

Or Click Here to see which free lease agreement we think is the best.


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