Free Lease Agreement Review:

EZ Landlord Forms – this site’s business model is to offer you a free lease agreement you can fill in via a wizard, but then tries to sell you a more complete, state specific version for $25. The fill-in wizard is well detailed, and will give you a good idea of some of those clauses you need in your lease (property built before 1978? lead paint forms are required, and the wizard makes sure to ask you). You will be required to create an account (so they can send you lots of follow-up emails trying to sell more of their products, of course!). Unfortunately the free version leaves much (very much) to be desired, doing little more than naming the landlord, tenant and property, describing the length of lease, deposit and property condition. No lead paint clauses, not even any sub-leasing or pet clauses, just the barest of bare bones. This free version is more likely than not to get you into hot water eventually. Plus, you have to fill out the full information for the paid version each time (seven pages worth in the Wizard) even though you aren’t using it. The wizard does try to give you hints and advice that are specific to your state; in some cases this was useful, however we also saw that some of it was incomplete, possibly incorrect . It appears that they attempt to determine if you are in an URLTA area or not, but it seemed a little confused about the results. If you’re willing to spend $25 for the good version, it looks like a reasonable starting point, and the wizard is quite customizable. You should definitely pass on the free version, though, in my opinion.

Here is the link for this form:


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