Free Lease Agreement Review: – We may be stretching the definition just a little of “free” in this case. It doesn’t have to cost you any money to get a free lease agreement from, but there are strings attached. You have to sign up for a 7-day trial and provide a credit card after which they you $29.95 a month if you don’t cancel. So, after you provide a credit card, run the document wizard and download it, then you have to go to the trouble to cancel – and they don’t make it easy. However you will find that the free lease (and we tried it, it is “free” as long as you cancel in time) is superb. You will be taken through a very detailed wizard asking every question imaginable about what you want in your lease and what you want it to say. The wizard even allows you to add a comprehensive damage list section, the only free lease agreement form we’ve seen to have this. This free lease agreement is the most comprehensive we’ve seen, and the most URLTA compliant we’ve seen. For example it includes the deposit banking account information section required in many locations, yet something we’ve also not seen in any other free lease agreement online. I’ve looked at lots (lots!) of free online lease forms over the years and this is among the best.

However, it isn’t perfect. For such a well done document, it’s a little surprising that it is missing time is of the essence and joint and several clauses. These are among the most fundamental clauses in a lease agreement. It also fails to cover abandonment and acknowledgment of receiving a copy, and the wording is a little weak in the choice of law, entire agreement, and failure to deliver possession clauses (but at least it has them).

That’s it, though, for complaints on the document itself. You’ll want to find time is of the essence and joint and several wording (both of which are simple and readily available) and add them in, and abandonment and copy wording if you wish as well as possibly tweak the weak sections, but Rocketlawyer gets most of it right. After trying out the free one, Rocketlawyer hopes you’ll stay and become a paying customer, and I have to say if you are working on numerous legal forms and issues you want to handle yourself, Rocketlawyer may very well be worth the money.

Getting out of the 7-day trial is a trial in itself; it’s not uncommon in these free trial/can cancel anytime deals, but that doesn’t make it right. You will not find it easy here; there is a FAQ which gives instructions for how to cancel the trial membership, but of course the directions are wrong. There is a settings button (gear symbol) at the top of the page when you are logged into. When you press that, there is a “manage my account” selection. If you go there, the page is about upgrading your membership. You have to look for a paragraph at the very bottom of the long page which talks about if you want to cancel your trial; it mostly tries to talk you out of it. In this paragraph they call canceling “downgrading” (downgrading to “free”). There is no button to “downgrade”. If you look closely, one of the words “downgrade” is hypertexted. Click on it and that will finally take you through the downgrade process. Of course, they expect most people to not find this and give up, either getting charged, or calling/chatting with them where the agent will try to talk them into staying. So, yes it’s free, but you may lose a bit of time cancelling your trial membership.

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