Free Lease Agreement Reviewed: – There are two forms on this site, each where the link downloads a Word document, one called  Residential Lease Agreement (Type 1) and the other Short Form of Lease (Residential). They are fairly similar in that both are reminiscent of the old office supply store boilerplate forms. The Residential Lease Agreement (Type 1) is bare bones except the rules section which does cover some important items like no painting without permission, no long-term vehicle repairs, no waterbeds, etc. However on clauses necessary for a properly functioning lease, like waiver, indemnity, time is of the essence, etc. this form has none of them, let alone other important clauses like remedies cumulative, severability, choice of law, entire agreement and the like. The Short Form of Lease (Residential) is even worse, missing all the clauses like the other, and having even less specifics otherwise. These should both be avoided, to be honest.

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